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Physical security

Physical IT security is a collection of methods for prevention against threats related to unauthorised acces to physical resources.

Providing physical security to IT devices should start with selecting safe areas.

Using the same security measures for the whole object is neither economically justified nor encouraged.

Every secured area needs to be evaluated regarding required level of security. Security elements for particular areas include: fences, gates, walls, doors, locks, monitoring systems, security staff and specialised access systems.

Security of protected areas can be ensured via magnetic cards, biometric solutions (fingerprint scanners, iris scanners etc).

The interior security layer is mainly composed of lockers. Their basic protection are the locks, which can be remotely controlled in order to provide access only to authorised persons.

Is your organisation ready to face this problem?

In more advanced solutions, management of access to different areas is integrated with management of access to IT resources. This creates an integrated system for users’ digital identity management with a security platform and monitoring of access to physical resources.

Such integration enables checking user authorisation for using IT resources, as well as
controling authorisation for access to physical resources, such as entry to buildings or particular areas.

Such solutions enable automatic access authorisation and control in a number of different apps and IT systems, but also provide a holistic view and monitoring of events in the company, related to obtaining access to informational and physical resources, improving the level of protection and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Solutions related to physical infrastructure protection also include new techniques for stock-taking of devices. One of the often used methods is the RFID technique (Radio Frequency Identification), which enables full, constant stock-taking of data center equipment, and ensures the posibility to track devices that are being moved and prevent possible theft. Information regarding the wherabouts of particular units can be combined with data regarding the physical environment of the computational center, such as humidity and temperature, in order to provide proper working conditions for physical infrastructure.

We support companies and organisations in preventing unauthorised access to physical resources.

HUBSAPA’s offer incude comprehensive solutions dedicated to prevent unauthorised access to physical resources in companies and institutions that use IT solutions.

Solutions offered by HUBSAPA allow in-depth analysis of the state of security against unauthorised access to physical resources, and effective protection thereof.

HUBSAPA meets the needs of companies and organisations that want to protect themselves against threats related to unauthorised access to physical resources. We offer comprehensive and trusted solutions. We can help your organisation with our expert experience, dedicated tools and international practice.


19 Jun 2017

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