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Electromagnetic shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is one of the most important IT system security methods. Every device, including a computer, is a source of electromagnetic radiation.

Data flow generates electromagnetic radiation of a specified frequency, mainly through the monitor, both through a “traditional” tv screen or a laptop monitor. Emission of radiation also takes place through cables, sockets, ports, printers, scanners etc. The signal is emitted to the power grid which powers the computer.

Each of these signals carries informations which can be decrypted.

Computer radiation is strong enough to let a special, compact device pick it from a few hundred meters (up to a thousand). For such purpose, people use specially designed antennas and eg. Water networks, electricity, heating, and air conditioning conduits. Signals brought to the highly sensitive receiver are processed by appropriate software, and information are separated from the filtered noise; then converted to the computer programs of choice – which allow the data to be read – eg. Word.

Is your organisation ready to face this problem?

HUBSAPA meets the needs of companies and organisations susceptible to information leaks caused by unauthorised seizing of radiation emission generated by data flow. We deliver comprehensive and trusted solutions. Thanks to our expert experience, dedicated tools and international practice we can help your organisation.

We support companies and organisations in preventing data leaks by reducing emitted radiation.

HUBSAPA’s offer includes comprehensive solutions dedicated to prevent information leaks by reducing radiation emission in companies and institutions that use IT technologies.

Solutions offered by HUBSAPA allow in-depth analysis of the state of protection against unwanted electromagnetic emission, in order to achieve an effective reduction to comply with the applicable standards and requirements.

There are different methods of protection against electromagnetic radiation: 

  • Electromagnetic containers and cabins, the so-called Faraday cages, in which devices that process information are stored;
  • Tiling walls with metal foils and nets that serve a similar purpose, but offer lower security parameters than Faraday cages;
  • Metal bosex for storing devices that emit radiation, not only computers, but also transceivers and scramblers;
  • Protection of portable computer according to American TEMPEST norms.


19 Jun 2017

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