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Protect your data and critical infrastructure against cybercrime.

Hubsapa is a company that pays special attention to providing solutions regarding protection of digital resources of companies against cyberattacks and harmful internal behaviours, using comprehensive consulting, security services and safety monitoring.

On one hand, gaining competitive advantage as a business is closely linked to implementation of new technologies. It often translates to the need to launch new services aiming at efficient customer service. This type of methods for running a business and contacts with clients require a new approach towards protection of critical assets.

Cybersecurity in Poland


of operations were performed using cloud services in 2016

million security incidents registered in 2014 globally

* Based on: PwC, CIO and CSO, The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 and 2017

We support organisations in areas related to cybersecurity.

Hubsapa offers comprehensive approach towards issues related to cybersecurity, ensuring a successful digital transformation for your company with safety at its core.

Hubsapa can develop cybersecurity strategy for your organisation depending on its current state of maturity, in order to help you define security limitations, goals and procedures. IT systems protection using solutions offered by Hubsapa allows active IT environment monitoring in order to detect and react to cyber attacks in advance.

  • Inventory of customer’s authorized and unauthorized hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Solutions for monitoring and perimeter defense of client’s infrastructure
  • Ongoing maintenance and analysis of security logs
  • Solutions regarding definition of powers and application security monitoring and infrastructure, e.g. by controlling the use of administrative rights and data officers – including access control based on the necessary knowledge, monitoring and controlling inactive accounts.
  • Solutions for continuous susceptibility testing and minimizing.
  • Solutions for analysis and protection against spyware and malicious code.
  • Wireless Device Control.
  • Solutions for data leak prevention
  • Raising competences of the client’s staff through Red and Blue Team simulations – training in IT security.
  • Disaster recovery solutions

Vector Synergy and Cyber Defence eXercise Platform

  • Improving the competences of your staff by conducting Red and Blue team simulations – trainings regarding IT security and protection against latest cybersecurity threats.
  • Simulating client’s environment and learning latest hacker attack schemes under our expert supervision.
  • Learning about the usefulness of our own infrastructure and launching security gap-filling procedure, preparing for potential future attacks.
  • We introduce innovative CDeX platform, which simulates client’s environment and allows simulating attacks in order to analyse and teach client’s personnel without affecting critical processes in real systems and client’s infrastructure.

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19 Jun 2017

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