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Information Management and Big Data

Collect data and turn them into useful information – Data Analysis and Big Data in real-time, information management.

Information Management and Big Data

We can observe a constant growth of the number of information from different sources and it is predicted that this number will double every 18 months. Trends in constantly developing IoT (Internet of Things) confirm that. Hubsapa helps their clients adjust to the new reality, when there is a need to analyse, correlate, visualise and enable acces to all the data in real time. Hubsapa’s experts combine deep technical knowledge with operational/business knowledge.

Providing all the aforementioned services requires deep understanding of:

  • The client’s needs and required operational/business/regulative markers, as well as knowledge regarding best practices in implementing analytical solutions, storing and processing of data discretely or using client’s existing infrastructure.
  • How to collect data from different sources, from industrial controllers, telemetry data, images, videos to transactional data, and how to integrate them.
  • How to eliminate redundancy, data errors, how to correct them and manage data quality
  • How to improve data acces security according to regulations.
  • How to implement solutions for data storing and processing in real-time.
  • How to analyse large collections of data, intelligently correlate events and draw predictive conclusions.
  • How to present and visualise information in a way which allows effective and clear operational use.

Thanks to our practical experience, business knowledge and a large product portfolio, Hubsapa’s team will develop optimised, comprehensive solutions tailored to your organisation’s current needs.


19 Jun 2017

Partnership with IBM – Watson Explorer

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