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Forensic analysis systems

HUBSAPA is a partner of leading producers in the area of delivery and implementation of forensic analysis systems. We offer solutions which combine plentiful possibilities for analysis and visualisation with real-time information sharing.

We deliver solutions which support forensic analysis

Our solutions are dedicated for analysts and intelligence teams. They can be used for analytical work as well as at any stage of investigation. These products products are a global standard when it comes to easier identification, prediction and prevention in the area of battling organised crime, corruption, financing of terrorism and money laundering, as well as financial crimes such as tax frauds.

Data and identity theft in Poland


of users worry about not having control over their data available on the Internet


of users claim that they fell victim to identity and data theft


of victims have had financial losses as a result of data theft

* data from a report by GIODO on personal data protection from 2010-2013

We provide effective forensic analysis systems.

As a result of using our fools, analysts save time on data processing, which is why they can devote more time they need for analysis. Our tools also provide effective methods of visualisation and analysis combined with advanced data access functionality.

Adjustable data model and visualisation environment combined with a wide variety of visual analysis tools help users build different analytical views for the same data. This allows putting greater emphasis on connection structure or highlight the chronology of events. We can offer solutions adjusted to the majority of institutions and individual needs, because our portfolio contains products from leading producers.

We provide:

  • Optimisation of fraud detection procedures within an organisation
  • A tool which lets you easily visualise financial flows and point to the people suspected of fraud
  • Optimisation of criminal analysis processes
  • Receiving better results when it comes to searching for connections, previously omitted by an investigator, using ready-made models allowing detection of unwanted behaviours.

IBM Premium Business Partner

HUBSAPA is a leading business partner to IBM when it comes to security solutions, forensic analysis among others. As part of CIOSS (Criminal Intelligence and Operational Security Systems), Hubsapa offers components basen e.g. on i2 iBase, i2 iBase Designer, i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Thanks to many years of operational experiencewe can configure optimised solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs.

More about the solutions regarding IBM forensic analysis systems.


19 Jun 2017

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