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Economic crime prevention

The tax gap, defined as the difference between tax revenue which should theoretically be collected, and the factually obtained revenue, or, as defined by the American Tax Administration, as the taxpayers’ tax liability in any year that is not paid in time, was recently estimated to reach the amount of PLN 36.5-58.5 billion from VAT alone. It is believed that the main reason thereof is are tax frauds, which is why the main goal behind the report is to provide solutions for detecting anomalies regarding tax frauds.

The scope of the tax gap depends on several factors, such as:

  • Taxpayers’ legal activities the sole purpose of which is to decrease the value of paid taxes,
  • Errors in tax calculation caused by problems with proper interpretation of tax laws,
  • Errors in tax calculation and poor efficiency of tax authorities,
  • Unpaid VAT as a result of taxpayer’s insolvency,
  • “Grey area”, i.e. unrejistered business activity, in order to avoid tax burdens,
  • Frauds – tax frauds, illegal activity, directly aimed at profiting by abusing constructional elements of VAT.

Economic crimes in Poland


of companies in Poland fell victim to frauds during last year


of frauds were performed by the management staff.


of frauds were performed by internal employees.

* data from the report by PWC on Economic crimes in Poland in 2016 (“Badanie Przestępczości Gospodarczej w Polsce 2016”)

We support companies and organisations in battling economic crimes.

Elimination of aforementioned causes of the tax gap, except for the last point, is possible thanks to thought-out organisational and legal activities, while abnormality detection requires a proper analytical system.

HUBSAPA offers analytical solutions based on leading analytical and technical platforms. The greatest value when building such systems is Hubsapa’s practical analytical knowledge.

We offer:

  • Identification of suspicious economic transactions
  • Identification and evaluation of risk
  • Identification and quantification of company’s suspicious clients, as well as unusual behaviours
  • Identification and elimination of gaps which allow frauds.


19 Jun 2017

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