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Battling money laundering and financing of terrorism

PLN 18 200 000 000 – this is the total amount of assets under investigation regarding money laundering, upon which the General Inspector of Financial Information notified Prosecutor’s Offices in Poland in 2014. The scale of the phenomenon keeps increasing – the number of investigations launched by the police since 2011 has been growing by approx. 20% annualy in the following three years. This phenomenon correlates with a decreasing number of court proceedings, that may be caused by how time-consuming are the criminal proceedings carried out by the law enforcement.

Is your organisation ready to face this problem?

HUBSAPA meets the needs of companies and organisations vulnerable to money laundering and financing of terrorism. We offer you holistic and trusted solutions. Backed-up by expert experience, dedicated tools and international practice, we can help your organisation as well.

Money laundering in Poland


of compliance officers perceive money laundering as a source for financing corruption

number of preparatory proceedings launched by the General Inspector of Financial Informationwczych w Generlnym Inspektoracie Informacji Finansowej

billion PLN of assets under suspicion

* source: General Inspector of Financial Information, based on the data by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

We support companies and organisations in prevention of money laundering.

The offer of HUBSAPA includes solutions dedicated to preventing and detecting abuse in institutions regarding prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Our software actively improves analysis of financial transactions, on the basis of dedicated business rules and rules based on statistical methods.

The solutions offered by HUBSAPA enable in-depth analysis of financial data compiled in the company. This results in solutions with dedicated analytical methods based on the institution’s profile. These solutions fully enable compliance with the demands set by the General Inspetor of Financial Information or the guidelines by FATF.

We offer:

  • Identification of suspicious transactions
  • Identification and assessment of risk
  • Identification and quantification of suspicious clients and unusual behaviours
  • Identification of gaps in processes which enable abuse, as well as fixing them.


19 Jun 2017

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