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Battling money laundering and financing of terrorism
The offer of HUBSAPA includes solutions dedicated to preventing and detecting abuse in institutions regarding prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Our software actively improves analysis of financial transactions, on the basis of dedicated business rules and rules based on statistical methods. The solutions offered by HUBSAPA enable in-depth analysis of financial data compiled in the company. This results in solutions with dedicated analytical methods based on the institution’s profile. These solutions fully enable compliance with the demands set by the General Inspetor of Financial Information or the guidelines by FATF. read more...
Economic crime prevention
Elimination of aforementioned causes of the tax gap, except for the last point, is possible thanks to thought-out organisational and legal activities, while abnormality detection requires a proper analytical system. HUBSAPA offers analytical solutions based on leading analytical and technical platforms. The greatest value when building such systems is Hubsapa's practical analytical knowledge. read more...
Forensic analysis systems
HUBSAPA is a partner of leading producers in the area of delivery and implementation of forensic analysis systems. We offer solutions which combine plentiful possibilities for analysis and visualisation with real-time information sharing. read more...
Fraud detection
HUBSAPA offers services related to fraud detection on different levels of sophistication. For small organisations, sometimes it is sufficient to implement an anti-fraud system based on a set of business rules and expert knowledge. read more...
Information Management and Big Data
Thanks to our practical experience, business knowledge and a large product portfolio, Hubsapa's team will develop optimised, comprehensive solutions tailored to our client's current needs read more...

The number of data keeps increasing, which is why costs and time needed for obtaining, analysing and storing data keep increasing as well. During daily operational work it becomes critical to obtain correlated, valuable information in a swift and optimal manner.

This translates into the ability to meet the needs of business clients. Based on intelligently collected data and skillful management of wisdom in the organisation, one can predict trends and therefore make real-time decisions. These information will allow your business and the right authorities to react to unwanted behaviours of criminal groups.


19 Jun 2017

Partnership with IBM – Watson Explorer

As part of our partnership with IBM we offer you a new, excellent service – Watson Explorer. Watson Explorer is a cognitive search and content analysis platform that gives you access to insights from all the data you care about, so you can drive business performance and growth. Search and analyze structured, unstructured, internal, external […]

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